The way you grab me, must wanna get nasty.

For all intents and purposes, Cecelia was a relatively normal girl. She had gone through all the normal stages in life: first kiss, first love, first time, first breakup, first heartbreak, yadda yadda, you know the rest. She’d gone to high school. She’s been a typical teenager – not really knowing who she was, angsty, always fighting with her parents for some unknown reason. Then she went to university. She’d been a typical student – party all night, sleep all day, full-on rush mode when revising for exams. She’d made friends and lost some. She’d had some pretty interesting experiences, as well. All in all, Cecelia’s life was pretty normal. Now she’d graduated, though, and still couldn’t find a job in her field she’d been forced to take up a retail job to support herself in the meantime. She felt like she was in limbo, though, waiting for something exciting to happen.

Currently she was standing by her table, folding up clothes to put back on display, her mind drifting in no particular direction. Her whole body ached from the day’s shift and boy, she wanted to get home really badly. Finally giving up, she decided to slump herself on the floor and fold the clothes there instead knowing her manager wouldn’t be on the shop floor for a while. Her fingers idly smoothed down the material before placing it on the table and starting on the next garment, all the while humming ‘We Can’t Stop’ in her head out of boredom.

So la da di da di, we like to party, dancing with Mi-

“Excuse me, Miss.” Startled out of her reverie, Cecelia scrambled up and attempted to straighten herself out before looking up. In front of her stood a man who was looking at her with a mischievous look. Feeling herself heating up in embarrassment, as was usually the case when she was caught doing something or the other, she stuttered out a reply,

“Uh.. y-yes, hello! How can I help?” The man sent a twinkly smile her way and held his hand out which held a smooth, rounded pebble etched with some kind of scribble. He ran a hand through his hair, which Cecelia noticed was sandy blond, mussing it up in the process,

“Hmm, yes, well…” he paused to squint at her name badge, “Cecelia! Can I call you Cece? I’m going to call you Cece. I was wondering, Cece, do you sell these stones?” Cecelia’s eyes widened as she attempted to process the fact that he had given her nickname and was asking such a strange request,

“Uh… you do know this is a clothes store, right?” she asked, peering at him. She watched as his eyebrows furrowed slightly before breaking out another maddening grin, “Your aura is currently dark blue, did you know that? Don’t be afraid of the future, Cece!” and with that he briskly walked past her and round past a table of clothes.

Cecelia stood stock still for a few minutes wondering what the heck had just happened and who the man she had just encountered was. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts she discreetly made her way to the table of clothes to see if he was still loitering around. Peering around the corner she was slightly disappointed to see that he wasn’t there anymore. Knowing the store was big and she didn’t have time to start searching for the stranger, she got back to folding clothes before her manager came back and busted a fit. She guessed she could take that as something exciting happening.

Later on at the end of the day, whilst Cecelia was tidying up she came across the stone that the stranger showed her. Pinned beneath it was a scrap piece of paper with a simple message, “Thanks, Cece!” Cecelia gave an incredulous chuckle and pocketed the stone and note wondering about the strange man from earlier.



Said girl’s head snapped up from what she was doing and attempted to peer over the rail to see who was calling her. Unfortunately, being relatively short the only thing she could see was a head of hair racing down the aisle, one hand waving in the air,

“Cece! Cece! Where are ye, Cece?” Emerging from behind the rail, her eyebrows raised, she went to see who was causing all the ruckus in her department. She stopped in her tracks as she spotted the man from yesterday skidding to a halt in front of her, his face lighting up with a smile having found her, “There you are!” Cecelia blinked in confusion, surreptitiously glancing around her and noticing her colleagues looking on in bewilderment, “Oh! Your aura is gold today. Very good.”

Cecelia’s mouth dropped open slightly as she tried to comprehend what was happening. The man clasped a hand on her shoulder, flashed her a disarming grin and pressed something into her hand,

“What? What are you giving me, now?” she asked, looking down at what was in her hand. He had given her an ace of hearts card, it seemed. Frowning, Cecelia looked back at him, “You’re a bit of a weirdo, aren’t ya?” she concluded, shrugging his hand off her shoulder,

“I have been known to not follow trends or subcultures,” the man said matter-of-factly, “Dominic,” he then muttered before rushing off back down the aisle. Cecelia felt a bit jarred having been left so quickly. She wondered idly if that was his name, which it probably was, otherwise why else would he say a random name? Then again, he had done some strange things since meeting him like the stone and now the playing card. Sighing, she shoved the card in her pocket and went back to fixing the rail.

“Who was that, then?” Looking up she found one of the girls on her department looking at her in puzzlement. All Cecelia could do was shrug,
“Honestly, I have no clue,” she laughed mildly before turning back to what she was doing.

That night, Cecelia lay on her bed holding up the stone and playing card in front of her. She bit her lip and wondering what they both meant. What was the scribble etched on the stone and why on Earth did he give her this particular card? Perhaps he was just one of the local nut-jobs she saw sometimes on her way to work and had simply just wondered into the store because he was bored. It would figure that Cecelia would attract the weirdos. She placed the stone and card down on the bed next to her and reached for her phone, intent on Googling playing cards. When in doubt, Google.

“Ace of Hearts: Love and happiness. The home, a love letter. This card is a particularly favourable card that indicates troubles and problems lifting.”

Cecelia actually snorted out loud at the explanation. A love letter? What the hell? What is this life she lives in? Shaking her head slightly, she shut her phone off. Honestly, she kind of hoped the weirdo would be in tomorrow just because he made work less boring. Smiling slightly at the thought of him, she decided to turn in for bed.

11:31:45PM: Cecelia’s weather forecast for tomorrow: Clear sky with a chance of clouds. Hoping for a flash of unexpected lightening just to mix things up. Goodnight, sweets. xoxo


Cecelia didn’t realise what she was doing until one of the girls pointed it out,

“You’re looking for him, aren’t you?” Cecelia started violently, having not expected anyone to appear so suddenly behind her,

“Jeeze, Ads! You scared me!” she said, clutching her heart, “Looking for who?” Better to feign ignorance than admit that she was hopelessly waiting for the mysterious man to make an appearance. The girl, who’s name was Adelina, merely smirked at her before walking away to continue her business. Sighing, Cecelia also went back to what she was doing trying to keep her mind off the man.

She wondered idly if this was the sort of excitement she was waiting for. She didn’t know this man and yet he had come like a cannonball into her life. ‘Dominic’ or so he said.