“Veronica got sucked in by that ball of light!”

Wayne laughed out loud. Not just a normal laugh, but a laugh that erupted from the pit of his belly and echoed around the small alleyway. Patricia looked at him shocked, her lips twitching as if she wanted to laugh as well. Wayne had never heard anything more funny in his whole life. The idea that the ball of light had sucked anything in was preposterous. Granted, the idea that the ball of light even existed was ridiculous as well but how could it suck anything in? He sauntered forward and circled the light. It looked perfectly harmless. It was just hovering and flickering. He had no clue what it was, and he wondered why he wasn’t scared. He stopped next to the boy who had blurted out that Veronica had gotten sucked in,

“So, you’re telling me that, whatever that is,” he gestured toward the light, “sucked in your friend, Veronica,” he ignored the boy’s mumblings about how the girl wasn’t really his friend, “What are we waiting for then?” and with that he reached forward, a warmth spreading over him. One second he was there and then suddenly he wasn’t. Just like Veronica.

“Wayne!” Patricia shouted, her eyes widening. Tomas gave a strangled noise,

“What’d he do that for?!” he shouted, stalking forward, “Oi, Arnold!” Arnold jumped, he was still staring at the space that Wayne had just been standing in, “Let’s go!” Then Tomas had disappeared just as the other two had. Arnold turned to look at Patricia at the same time that she turned to look at him. He held out his hand,

“We can’t just leave them,” he said, quietly. Patricia looked at his outstretched hand. This was it. The beginning of her new adventure. Patricia was bristling with excitement. She smiled at him and grasped his hand tightly. They both reached out toward the light.