Staying up until 3 in the morning had clearly made her brain turn to mush.

Eliza stared at the cursor currently positioned on the ‘Sign Up’ button. She couldn’t lie and say that she didn’t think that this was a stupid idea. On the other hand, she had always wanted to do something crazy in her twenties.

At the age of 22, Eliza had officially been single for 4 years. It wasn’t through any choice of her own. She definitely wasn’t a person who was all about power to the woman and ‘You don’t need no man’. No, sir, she was not. She had just discovered that throughout those 4 years she had been single, that guys were, in general, douchebags. Even the nice ones ended up being douchebags.

Perhaps it was the circle of friends she ran with, but the mutual male friends she had were just not all that appealing. Coupled with the fact that she hardly went out because she was crippled with student debt, it made it really hard for her to meet guys.

At the age of 22, Eliza had finally decided that she needed some action in her life. If it all went wrong, then she could blame that stupid article she had read at 3 in the morning. (She really regretted drinking that Red Bull. She didn’t know what had possessed her.)

Taking a deep breath, she clicked the ‘Sign Up’ button. There we go, she thought, I’ve just joined my first online dating site… Holy shit.


2 days later she sat across from her best friend in a coffee house tucked away in the corner of London. She loved this coffee house. She loved walking in and greeting the baristas, who knew her order already, and breathing in the deep aroma of coffee. She loved looking at their newest selection of coffee granules and all the delicious pastries they had to offer. This place was her home away from home. This was her place to go and think when something big was happening in her life.

Currently something big was happening in her life.

Her best friend looked at her quizzically as she twiddled her thumbs. She hummed and ahh’d in her head about how to tell her what was going on. She wondered how, “So… I joined OkCupid because I really wanted some panty action,” would fly past her friend. She didn’t think very well.

“Alright, out with it, Robinson,” her friend said, after what seemed like forever. Eliza seemed to be taking a lot of deep breaths these days, but she quickly took another one and looked her friend in the eye,

“I joined an online dating site,” Eliza quickly shut her eyes and prepared herself for the barrage of abuse she was certain she would get. Eliza should have probably known her best friend a lot better,

“Please don’t tell me it’s Tinder.”