Veronica let out scream.

“Let me out! Let me out, you bloody bastards!” she flung her fists against the metal door, screaming until her throat felt raw. She collapsed onto the floor, curling up into a little ball. Veronica had no idea how long she had been in this little cell for but it felt like forever to her. She felt like she was going to cry, but she willed herself not to. She was stronger than this… she just needed to figure out some sort of plan. The speaker box that was hanging in the corner of the room started crackling with life, emitting a low buzzing sound before a deep voice started speaking,

“Prisoner six-seven-zero, you are to be taken in for more questioning,” Veronica’s face shot up, her eyes rimmed with a red tinge and a dazed look settling upon her face. That was her. Her heart sank; she didn’t want to be interrogated anymore. If she gave them what they believed to be the wrong answers… she shuddered, curling herself back up into a little ball. Suddenly the door flung open and a man in a white lab coat stood in the entrance. He roughly grabbed her by her upper arm and started dragging her out of the cell. Instinctively she started kicking out and attempting to scratch and bite the man, but it seemed to have no effect on him for he continued dragging her, looking stoically ahead.

They finally reached a door, which he opened by pressing his palm to a reader on the side, and he threw her inside. Veronica tumbled to the ground, using her hands to brace her fall. She lay still for a second before quickly getting up. She knew that if she didn’t sit down quick enough then they’d do terrible things to her. She’d tried that last time. She shuffled over to the seat and sat down, hunching her shoulders – refusing to look up. She heard the door click open and footsteps slowly come up behind her.

“Veronica… was it?” she felt the man’s breath on her neck and she had to stop herself from turning around and smacking him in the face. She simply said nothing and sat stock-still. The man walked away and moved so that he was sitting in the chair that was opposite her. She chanced a look and saw that he was looking at her as well. She couldn’t see the most of his face for it was obscured by a white mask, but she could see his piercing blue eyes through the cut out holes and they freaked her out. He looked down at the clipboard he held in his hands and flipped over a sheet of paper.

“Says here that you don’t know where you are,” he said, looking back at her again. She shook her head, not daring to say a thing. The last person who had interrogated her had not believed her when she said that she no idea where she was and that she just wanted to go back home. She’d gotten a slap for that, “Hmm… that’s just a little ridiculous, don’t you think?” she couldn’t see his mouth, but she could tell that he was smirking – his eyes were twinkling with amusement and something else. Something dangerous. He stood up and was suddenly standing by Veronica’s side,

“Any part of you that touches me, you’re not getting back,” she hissed, craning her body away from him. She knew she shouldn’t have said it. However, at this point, she didn’t care because she was just tired, and she wanted out of this situation. The man glared at her before landing his fist right in her face. She let out a strangled scream and thought she heard something click. She couldn’t concentrate for the blood gushing from her nose and the intense pain she was feeling, tears springing to her eyes. She willed them away and looked up at the man who was smiling at her sadistically. He lifted his hand again, this time slapping her so hard that she thought she got whiplash. She was hurtled from her seat, landing hard on the ground – the wind completely blown out of her. She didn’t think she had ever felt this amount of pain in her life. The man walked slowly toward her before crouching down, running his eyes up and down her body. She felt vulnerable, especially as she was just in a hospital-like gown. If she weren’t feeling so much pain and could actually move, he would have been punched so hard his mother would have felt it.

“Veronica, Veronica, Veronica,” he whispered, reaching for something inside his pocket, “Just cooperate, little one, and everyone will be happy,” he pulled out a lighter now, and started to flick it on and off. She watched the fire dance in front of her eyes before extinguishing and then relighting again. She was scared now. So scared. The man pulled down his mask, revealing an angry looking red scar running down the side of his face which largely disfigured the right side of his mouth. He was smiling fully now, his eyes holding something akin to excitement. She let out a small whimper, as he brought the fire closer to her face. Why was this happening to her?