Sam was glad that she didn’t wear make-up because she was sure that if she were wearing any tonight, it would have sweated off by now. The bar her and her friends were currently squished in was significantly smaller than the previous bar they were at. To be honest, Sam couldn’t care less – she was having a great time and as she weaved herself between the gyrating bodies on the dancefloor, trying to locate the rest of her friends, she realised just how much she needed a night like this.

She finally spotted one of her friends happily dancing with a random guy. The rest of them were congregating around the DJ booth, ogling at something that Lisa was doing. As she approached, she heard Grace let out a raucous laugh as she moved out of the way for Sam to get a better view. Lisa was posing with what seemed to be a dildo attached to the swinging door of the DJ booth. Sam’s eyes bugged out and she stifled a giggle as she watched Lisa lean forward for a variety of poses for the camera.

“Can you believe her?!” Grace shouted in her ear, but grinning whilst she said it. Sam just shook her head in belief and turned to go and find Sandra, who was still holding her drink. Instead of turning and walking forward like she had hoped to, she stumbled over her feet and crashed into a guy who was walking toward her. Arms clutched around her waist and pulled her back on her feet. Looking up, all Sam could see were a perfectly straight, white set of teeth and sparkling hazel eyes. Flustered, Sam unattached herself from the guy’s arms and swiped a hand over her face to relieve herself from some the sweat she could feel building up. She could already feel her face going red when she got embarrassed.

“You alright?” The guy asked, looking at her concerned. Australian. Sam could feel her interest piquing. The guy wasn’t bad-looking either – tall, tousled brunette hair. Before she could reply, however, she felt someone grab her elbow and pull her back.

“Sorry, mate! She’s, like, REALLY drunk!” Sam crossed her arms indignantly, and pouted at Grace. Grace just looked at her with amusement, and merely raised her eyebrow at her as if to say she knew something that Sam didn’t. Sam just stuck her tongue out at her, waved a goodbye to the guy and shimmied off back to her group of friends.


“Stop it.” Sam stopped the movement of her hips to glance over her shoulder and look questioningly at Grace. Grace had that twinkle in her eye when she caught onto something and was determined to stop it in its tracks. Sandra also seemed to have caught on and was just looking between the two of them with a huge grin on her face,

“Stop what?” Sam asked innocently, pretending not to notice that the guy who caught her from falling was watching them from a few metres away. The guy paused to take a sip of the beer he was holding and lean in to say something to the tall hench, blonde guy who was standing next to him. Sam was pulled from her reverie by a sharp slap to her upper arm. Clutching her arm in shock, she focused back on Grace who was scowling playfully at her,

“All but 20 minutes ago you were bawling your eyes out, woman. Behave yourself!” Grace clutched some of Sam’s cheek and glancing over to where the guy was standing, pinched it, “Behave, Cece.” Sandra just snorted, opening her mouth to give her two cents, “Uh, no, San. Hush. I know what you’re going to say,” and in a startingly likeness to Sandra’s voice she recited what Sandra seemed to always say when it came to pulling guys, “”Yolo, man. Like, whatever. We’re on holiday, init. Let her do what she wants. Everyone has their needs,”” Did you forget this is Sammy? You know how she gets!” Sandra promptly shut her mouth and with a small shrug and smirk she walked away.

“Grace, man. You can’t really talk – I saw you necking that guy in the last bar we were at,” sam replied, crossing her arms and staring at Grace, daring her to defy her logic. Sam was sure that if Grace could go red, she would be the colour of a bright red tomato right about now. Grace’s mouth flopped open in astonishment which greatly pleased Sam,

“Damn! I thought you didn’t see that. I thought you were, like, being drunk and crying in a corner, somewhere!” Grace’s voice had reached an octave higher than it’s original pitch and CecelSamia merely wiggled her eyebrows at her,

“I’m drunk, but I’m not THAT drunk,” Sam giggled and blew a kiss to her shellshocked friend wandering off to find where Sandra disappeared too. Finding her quickly she nudged her and pointed over to where Grace was standing, quickly reiterating the events that had taken place after Sandra had walked off. Sandra let out a hearty laugh, doubling over and pointing at Grace who had a furious look on her face.

“I thought Grace was the stoosh one of the group?” Sandra asked between laughs. Sam shrugged and grinned, taking a big swig of the drink she was holding. She tasted a hint of vodka and something else she wasn’t too certain of,

“When in Rome!” she exclaimed, throwing her arms up in the air and catching the eye of her saviour who flashed her a cute grin.